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About us

Short description

sam&rrr is a software and IT consultancy company founded in the year 2009. Although we do not have a "history" yet, we do have customers satisfied by the high quality services we offer. We could not reach this level of quality without the experience accumulated by our employees in the long period of working in this domain.

We are software creators with products registered at ORDA, which can be delivered in the form of licenses but can be customized for extra requests of our clients.

An old partnership with Oracle gives us the possibility to have an opening towards any request that may be directed for one of the 9000 software products of our "older brother".

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How may we help you?

  • We develop and implement information solutions which use web technologies.
  • We propose highly customized client oriented information solutions.
  • Relational database solutions capable of managing a high level of data, controlled by system which are really close to the end user and with business intelligence for management.
  • We utilize modern instruments (tablet, smartphone or other terminals), with native applications for any device, which improve the efficiency of using an information system.